Lesson ✍😊

Allow your criticism We always avoid if people criticise us. I learned rather avoiding criticism, allow people to criticise your loopholes, weaknesses and negative points. Do honest self analysis, find out if this criticism is really right??? If yes, just find out the ways to overcome all your negative and weak points and trust me result will be amazing and great. Even negetive criticism have positive aspects in life. You can learn to art of avoidance, maintaining your calm or even speaking up against it. All it teaches us to be better version of us and develop us to deal with different personalities in life. Remember life is extremely beautiful only with struggles, hard work and pain, without these life is really tasteless.

7 thoughts on “Lesson ✍😊”

  1. Off course I don’t like criticism either. But I prefer to take care of that by criticising myself first at first place. If I am aware of my limits, then anyone’s comment over it, is always welcome.


  2. I think the only way to avoid criticism to hide from those that seem to be so hell bent on getting off on it.

    But then again, I write poetry in America where criticism seems to be a synonym for tearing down rather than building up.

    A mindset is hard to change, but welcome nonetheless.


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