Hello! I’m SILENTARMOUR. Born & brought up in Delhi, INDIA. Well I’m a Postgraduate in English Literature. My love for literature can’t be defined in words. I am alive, I like learning and trying new things, meeting new people, and sharing experiences.

From the day I have started writing, this blog has become an important part of my life. Whatever I feel, experience & learn I love to share it here. Whenever I feel low this blog makes me happy. Reading your comments makes me forget my every bad experience. I just hope it helps you in your life as well…!!! 

Time to time, we need some inspiration. We have been worn out and we just cannot seem to get anywhere, this is why I love reading quotes about anything that is of interest to me. It helps me write better poetry and gain different perspectives on life and my hobbies, passions, like blogging.People visit our blogs because they have found something of value to themselves, they return because we continue delivering the same value.We continuously share stories on our blogs, our own personal experiences. We always share something of our lives, and in a sense it becomes a part of us. We are connected with our followers, our blog.


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