My first award- Liebster Award :) Thank You!!💕

AWARDS!! A pleasant reminder that your fellow bloggers admire your works. It’s been 3 years I started writing this blog. This is my FIRST Award since then. The day I saw that I have been nominated for this award I was amazed and insanely happy. I feel very glad and honored to be nominated for Liebster Award.

First, I would like to thank an amazing and talented blogger Kamya Seervi for nominating me. Check her blog, I am sure you will adore it! 🙂 💕

I am greatful and accept the same with all my heart. It took me 3 years to reach here for any nomination (my first so far).

The Official Rules of the Liebster Award 2016 | The Global Aussie


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  3. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.
  5. Ask your nominees 11 questions.
  6. Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.

So, here are the questions and answers:

“If you want to become a Great Writer, you have to be a Great Reader”, do you agree to this?

Yes, I agree to this as to be a good writer we all need to have good vocabulary and to enrich that we need to read as much as possible. We have our own command over languages and reading helps us to make it strong. Reading breaks the barrier between the reader and the writer. It bridges the gap between the two 🙂

What is the Purpose of your blog ?

A perfect place to keep my thoughts safe. Writing a blog helps me to connect and meet my readers on a personal level and this is important because it helps to foster trust.

Give two good and two bad habits of yours.

Good Habits:

  • A good listener
  • I am a regular reader

Bad Habits:

  • Lazy- A big time procrastinator
  • I trust people easily

According to you,What defines a Writer?

A person who come up with sensibility, a certain awareness and responsiveness to the world is a writer. For me we all are writers because some of us are writing blog, some books, some diary and research work and some spin their own thoughts in mind.

Would you travel or rather read a book at home?

I am comfortable with both. Its completely depends upon mood.

What is your favorite genre?

This term genre holds very little interest for me. I like reading fiction, romance, poetry, literary novels.

How are you spending your time in this lockdown?

Work from Home is a great option for the working people. Trying to work but messing around. I won’t say that I am completely utilizing my time because as I said I’m a time procrastinator. I know I am going to pay for it when the lockdown ends. So in simple words ‘Doing nothing’.

Which is your favourite book?

Though I never categorize any book as my favorite but If tomorrow comes by Sidney Sheldon I have read so many times.

What would you do, if you get an extra day in a year?

It will be like just another day. I will spend it the way I am spending my rest of the days.

What makes you blog for the first time?

All my wandering thoughts, need to be listened so I started sharing it here.

Have you learned or discovered in this lockdown?

Started writing more, trying to concentrate on poems. Hopefully I will write more and more poems one day. 🙂

My select for nominees:

I am breaking the barrier of nominating anyone. I am not particularly nominating any particular blogger. For me you all are my inspiration. I love to read more and more blogs whenever I get time. All the readers, writers and bloggers deserve to be nominated for their writings. To all the bloggers who have never been nominated, I nominate them. To all the readers who are following this blog through their Mail id’s , I nominate them as well. They all can answer the questions and share the same on my mail id- I will wait for the response. Thank You! 🙂

Lots and lots of love!

Thank You Kamya Seervi !

Keep Blogging 🙂

~SiLeNt PeN

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Note to self and others 😊

“If you miss someone who does not miss you, or who is no good for you, or is unattainable, take all the love you once felt for them and spread it around other places. put your love in worthwhile people and things, turn the romance in to passions for hobbies or admiration for others- enrich your own life. focus on yourself and those who actively make you happy.”

Keep Blogging 🙂

~SiLeNt PeN

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This is how you bloom🌸🌱

No matter how religious a person may look and act, there are sins that they commit in private that you know nothing about. Only God knows.
No matter how sinful a person may dress, look and act,there are good deeds that they commit in private that you know nothing about. Only God knows.

If you spend your time admiring someone else’s roses or counting another’s thorns, you will neglect your own garden, and your own plants will wither. There is always more to a person than what is seen. There is good and bad in all of us. So do not idolize anyone, nor look down upon anyone. Rather, humanize everyone, take the good from everyone, and do not judge the bad you see in anybody. Your job is not to analyze the apparent and thehidden of your neighbor. Your responsibility is to analyze your own.

So concentrate on your own plot of land, water your own garden, count your own roses and analyze your own thorns. This is how you bloom.

Keep Blogging 🙂

~SiLeNt PeN

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A Note – Long Distance❣️🤗

Long distance is not easy. It is not easy to watch someone through a screen instead of your eyes tracing the curves of their face while they’re standing in front of you. It’s not easy to have a bad day and not be able to see one of the only people that can make it better. For something exciting to happen and not be able to celebrate about it that night. To not be able to have brunch on Sunday morning, or make dinner plans for when you get off work, or snuggle up together on the couch for one of the nights a tv show comes on that you both love. Sometimes you miss them so much and it’s like you can’t get relief from it. Sure, you plan times to see each other but some nights are bad and you need them right now and you need to touch them or you’ll die and your heart has never felt so lonely. Long distance is not easy but one day it will be worth it. One day you’ll live in a cute apartment together where you can wake up and sleep next to each other and a see you later means see you tonight when we get off and it’s time for dinner. Long distance is a choice. It’s a commitment to say, “I love you more than all of the distance between us.”

Keep Blogging 🙂

~SiLeNt PeN

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For extra goodness❣️🤗

You may have people in your life who would give you the entire galaxy with open arms. If so, thank them for their love and immense heart. If you have trouble thinking of someone, develop the relationships you already have around you. You may already have that person in your life, but you may not know it. When you keep your heart open to receiving, the gifts will come your way.

This feeling of gratitude is an effective way to develop and fortify bonds in a relationship. Think about a relationship in your life that you care about. Whether you’re on good terms with the relationship or you have hit a rocky patch, find a quiet space, sit, close your eyes, take in five deep breaths, and meditate on your person. Turn your mind to the good memories you have shared, things they have done for you, and their amazing traits… Bring in as many positive things as you can. For extra goodness, let them know!

Keep Blogging😊

~SiLeNt PeN

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There are still people who carry lights in their eyes❣️

Sometimes you say to yourself you don’t wanna see them ever again. But sometimes unconsciously, in a crowd, in place where they used to be, you hope to have a glimpse of them again.

Just like your favorite t-shirt, just like your favorite key chain that you lost somewhere, you’ll search for them but while you’re busy looking, you come across something else.

This something else can be the thing that you lost and forgotten a long time ago but here’s the trick, you can also find something you didn’t expect seeing—it’s just amazing how someone can pop up in your life unexpectedly and become someone so important to you.

I think that’s the magic of life. There will always be a reason to be hopeful because there are still people who carry lights in their eyes.

Keep Blogging 🙂

~SiLeNt PeN

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Marriage advice that everyone should read

Gerald Rogers, a psychologist who went through a tough divorce, wrote an incredible post about life, love, relationships, and divorce. He started by saying, “After losing a woman that I loved, and a marriage of almost 16 years, here’s the advice I wish I could have had…”

This is his advice…

Choose love.

In the end, this is the only advice you need. If this is the guiding principle through which all your choices is governed, there is nothing that will threaten the happiness of your marriage. Love will always endure.

Don’t sweat the money.

Money is a game, find ways to work together as a team to win it. It never helps when teammates fight. Figure out ways to leverage both person’s strengths to win.

Always grow together.

The stagnant pond breeds malaria, the flowing stream is always fresh and cool. Atrophy is the natural process when you stop working a muscle, just as it is if you stop working on your relationship.

Find common goals, dreams and visions to work towards.

Let yourself be vulnerable.

You don’t have to have it all together. Be willing to share your fears and feelings, and quick to acknowledge your mistakes.

Be open and transparent.

If you want to have trust you must be willing to share EVERYTHING: Especially those things you don’t want to share. It takes courage to fully love, to fully open your heart and let her in when you don’t know if she will like what she finds… Part of that courage is allowing her to love you completely, your darkness as well as your light. DROP THE MASK: If you feel like you need to wear a mask around her, and show up perfect all the time, you will never experience the full dimension of what love can be.

Don’t be stupid.

Don’t be an idiot and don’t be afraid of being one either. You will make mistakes and so will she. Try not to make too big of mistakes, and learn from the ones you do make. You’re not supposed to be perfect, just try to not be too stupid.

The dating never stops.

NEVER EVER take that woman for granted. When you asked her to marry you, you promised to be that man that would OWN HER HEART and to fiercely protect it. This is the most important and sacred treasure you will ever be entrusted with. SHE CHOSE YOU. Never forget that, and NEVER GET LAZY in your love.

Protect your heart.

Just as you committed to being the protector of her heart, you must guard your own with the same vigilance. Love yourself fully, love the world openly, but there is a special place in your heart where no one must enter except for your wife. Keep that space always ready to receive her and invite her in, and refuse to let anyone or anything else enter there.

Fall in love every day.

You will constantly change. You’re not the same people you were when you got married, and in five years you will not be the same person you are today. Change will come, and in that you have to re-choose each other everyday.

SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO STAY WITH YOU, and if you don’t take care of her heart, she may give that heart to someone else or seal you out completely, and you may never be able to get it back. Always fight to win her love just as you did when you were courting her.

Keep Blogging 🙂

~SiLeNt PeN

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