Who you need👫

There is nothing more beautiful than waking up and knowing that you finally have who you need for the rest of your life. The peace that comes to your heart sometimes can’t even be described. You’ve been through so many things in the past with other people putting you through storms that, it’s nice to finally have someone who can love you and hold your hand while you both walk through them now. It’s nice to finally have someone that gives you the friendship inside of a relationship. It’s nice to finally have someone who can finish off your sentences or make you laugh when you aren’t feeling your best. It’s nice to finally have not just your partner in love, but your partner in life. Someone you can consult with when you need to make difficult decisions. Someone you can turn to when life isn’t going so well. When you have someone who is willing to walk with you through both the good and the bad without leaving you, that’s when you know you have a special one. There is nothing like having this person in your life.