And this makes me realise that we have grown up….

When we really wanted something but didn’t even tell our parents because we knew they can’t afford it. Subscriptions of Spotify or YouTube replaced our old habit of hoarding songs in an SD card. When we re-watch a movie which we watched as a kid and fully understood the emotional value of it. When we realised no one apart from our parents gives a shit about us. We are on our own, now. When Internet speed jumped from 512 kbps to 100 mbps for us. When we started hiding our emotions and stopped telling people how we actually feel. First day in office we realised, life is complicated, and there is no end to this rat-race.When someone broke our heart. We realised that finding love is the second most difficult thing in the world. While the most difficult thing in this world is perhaps losing love, once we’ve found it….

And then we grew up…SiLeNtLy😊

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1 thought on “And this makes me realise that we have grown up….”

  1. You said it right. But, what I believe is, loving someone is special felling but being loved is precious. Not all get this luck.


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