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Dear Bloggers & Readers,

SiLeNt PeN is on Facebook now. Its never too late to start something as time to time,we need some inspiration and a platform. I got a lot of support and love from my readers and fellow bloggers. Lets continue that connection on Facebook as well.

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Lets connect @MySilentPen on Facebook. Hope to get your support and love their as well. 😊

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The Secret Admirer 😊

This is for the person who secretly admires my work. He secretly read my each and every post again and again. I have heard that this Blog helped him a lot during his office On-site days.

I don’t know how connected he felt, but thank you from the bottom of my heart. Overwhelmed by the response. 😊 Your kind words meant a lot to me. Thanks for connecting yourself with the posts. Thanks for secretly admiring my each blog. Thanks for reading it again and again. This makes me feel like I should write more often atleast people like you can feel connected. Atleast I remain a part of their busy schedule.

I have heard that you are also a wonderful writer. Thanks for appreciating from a writer’s perspective.

It helps me though. I feel connected with their happiness, their sorrows, with their time I borrowed.

So Mr. Secret Admirer- Thank You so much. 😊