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A little courage ✌🏻


Sometime you want to take a particular decision. You think hard and a you find yourself weak. You know that decision will change your life. You wanted to take the risk but dilemma of the consequences stops you from taking that decision. But one fine day you wanted to change the scenario and can’t live that particular life you are leading. That’s how the things changes and a you find a different version of yourself. A little courage is all you need. The courage to take a decision and you can change your life. The courage of being stubborn and the universe will fall in love with you! ~ SiLeNt PeN

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Make success something only few can achieve

As you walk more along the road to success you will come to realize that failures are the paving stones for it.

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You will face failure after failure, disappointment after disappointment, and wall after wall, which is why most don’t make it.

The constant struggle, the daily grind and battle for discipline, the countless sacrifices along the way and everything essentially telling you “you can’t do it” make the success something only few can achieve.

This is why your attitude about it all is so important!

Without the right attitude about it all, you will fall short.

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~SiLeNt PeN

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A King or A Kingmaker 👑

The best players are often not the best coaches.

There are people who have the ability to communicate their knowledge quite well and they become great teachers.

Some people are good at knowing.

Some people are good at practicing.

Only in exceptional situations, both these qualities are found in one person.

A King or A Kingmaker

Chanakya was never a king but he was a great kingmaker.

A true knower of the knowledge spends all his energies in acquisition of knowledge and not on the exploitation of knowledge for personal benefits. If he chooses to do so, his knowledge would lose its purity as it would get biased from his personal experience. He would start believing that what worked for him was right while what did not work for him is wrong.

In reality, what work for one person hardly work for other people because everyone is so unique and different from each other.

The advice of the most successful people is hardly very useful because they never bother to know how other people succeeded in their venture.

A good teacher can give you better advice because he develops a better perspective from his experience. He has a better understanding of what type of knowledge and skill you need. His advice is more realistic and useful coming from years of experience.

A person who has never been the king can be a great kingmaker.

A great king is never a great kingmaker.

You must seek the best knowledge from anyone and not influenced by the source of the knowledge.✍🤗