Silence🚫The never failing friend😊


I am tired of holding it all in me. I feel lost.I feel like running away. I want to explore a new world, a lonely one.I know I never can utter a single word I feel and even if I do I wouldn’t ever be able to make them understand. Time taught me to be quite well but then again there are moments when I want to scream, scream so loud that the universe can hear me. I want to scream when the heart feel too weak to hold the pain any more, when the toughts get heavier than me, when the life long silence never get answered. Even the silence of the nature betokens the upcoming thunder then how long can I hold? The world couldn’t ever read the silent tears, mute words and the screams of the heart. We need soundproof rooms to enjoy the beauty of silence then again we fail to read them. Amazing world. Isn’t it??? You say you know me, you comprehend my feelings, but then again you want me to give them voice. I was never so comfortable with sound as I am with the silence and when the silent me begs to scream the hands run for the pen & the nib meets the pages of that old diary. They are the never failing friends. They never betray, they only heal. They know the deepest secrets, the wildest thoughts, the silent prayers, the scariest dreams, the breathless sobs, the loudest scream. They know everything. They read silence.🤗

P.S. Silence is not the absence of something, but the presence of everything…!!