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Appreciate the way you bloom☘️


Don’t kill flowers growing inside of you for someone who doesn’t appreciate the way you bloom. Let yourself grow! The opinion of people doesn’t matter. Let the world think and make perception. You can’t change the way people think. The people who love you will always be there for you no matter how far you are. And the people who doesn’t appreciate your presence had no right to be there in your life.

_SiLeNt PeN

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Keep your head up and heart strong ❤️

To all who went through a period of having no friends, who ate alone, who had a point in their life where they were too embarrassed to tell their parents they had no one to play with after school. I know it hurts and I know it’s hard but it’s not your fault. Things will grow and change. You will find people who you click with and they will love you too. You deserve positive friendship & relationships just like anyone else. And if you’re still going through this phase, you’re strong, and things will change for you too. You are not alone, there are people experiencing the same thing you are, find them, you deserve positivity and companionship. Keep your head up and heart strong ❤️

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~SiLeNt PeN

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Lets talk about the things we never talked about ✨

Lets talk about how hard it is to open up to someone about being sad for no reason. Lets talk about how hard it is to explain to your friends and family that you have this heavy feeling in your chest for no reason. Lets talk about how hard it is to understand why you’re having a panic attack while just taking a walk back home. Lets talk about how hard it is to understand your own self and how scary it is to feel like the whole world is falling on your shoulders and you have no idea why.
Lets talk about the things we never talked about! Lets talk about the things we never talked about. Lets talk..

Share and talk with the one whom you love. Talk to them😊

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~SiLeNt PeN

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Stop letting smallest things ruin your life ☘️

“Stop letting the smallest things ruin your whole entire day. If you’re bored with your daily routine, do something unexpected. Stop complaining about how alone you are when you’re surrounded by people who actually care about you. Forget all the drama and let go of all the grudges you’ve been holding. Stop wasting time lingering over all that you could have, should have and would have done. Stop spending your days thinking of how much better you could do; stop longing for something that has been and always will be out of your reach. Just live the days as they come. Wake up every morning and smile at the wonderful day that awaits you. Take a risk for once. Let yourself be happy, because you deserve it.”

Grow and Bloom ☘️

Keep blooming✨

~SiLeNt PeN

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Your happiness matters✌🏻❤️

Sometimes people exist just for you to have a good time with and then move on from. And once you can accept that, it makes everything a lot easier, because a lot of happiness stems from managing expectations. The reason we get hurt so much is because we have a good time with someone and then we obsess waiting for them to text us, wanting to see them again, stalking them, picturing our life with them and then when we find out they don’t want exactly what we do, we’re crushed. But really, they don’t owe us a future or anything at all, they don’t even owe us a text the next day. And I’ve come to accept that sometimes a good time can just be a good time, without the promise of a future, and that’s fine.

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~SiLeNt PeN

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You are magnificent ✨💜

I hope you never spend restless nights wondering if you are enough for someone. Honestly, you are enough and you are magnificent. You are enough for the right people, the ones who matter.

The ones who are going to stick around but you deserve to know that some people aren’t going to stick around and that is okay. That is no indicator of your worth as a human being. It just means their story and your story weren’t meant to have the same set of pages.

You will find people who will see your light and realize that it matches their’s. Those people will be ready to share some pages with you. So open your book and let the right people in. Stop letting people who weren’t meant to have a chapter let you keep your book closed. You are enough for the right people. You are worthy and you are magnificent.

Keep Blogging ✨

~SiLeNt PeN

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Life is worth fighting for

You will wake up one day, realizing how tiring  life has become hoping for the world to stop spinning and for people to stop talking. Wishing that you were somewhere else but here. You will love and imagine yourself being in a different place. You will want to change things and arrange it like your own puzzle, which could be easily solved or built in just one second.

Things will be hard and the waves will be stronger. You will wish that you don’t have to face it. You will try to run away. At that time you will need to lift yourself just to fight it. And when that day comes , you will have all the courage you have been hiding in your heart. You will find out how brave you are. You will see what is more that that face who is always staring back at you in the mirror.

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You will then realize, that life won’t give you something that you can never take. That failure isn’t something that should put you down and every success is worth every-single-tear that has run out of your eyes. That you are the strongest person you will ever know, even if the world tries to make you believe otherwise.

“Someday, it will be all right. Someday, you will realize that life is still worth fighting for. That living life is still something we should dream of.”

~SiLeNt PeN

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You Fall In Love With Life, Instead Of A Person

This Is What Happens When You Fall In Love With Life, Instead Of A Person


“Who is that one person you really love?”

How long will you take before you take your name?


Falling is love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world and more so when you fall in love with your life. Finding the right partner isn’t the only thing life revolves around. There are so many things to be passionate about besides a person – music, literature, photography, writing and so on. When you fall in love with your life, you become responsive to your passions. Your life becomes more about exceling at your passions and enjoying your job. Being productive is one of the key factors to a happy and fulfilling life.



When we are in love with someone we tend to focus all our energy and invest all our time into that one relationship and we forget that other relationships in our life are as much important. When you are focused on things other than your love life, you will automatically invest in your family and friendships which fill your life with happiness and love. You will end up making a solid support system in your family and friends.



Falling in love with your life means that falling in love with yourself. You will walk away from people and situations that drain you. You start paying more attention to what helps you grow and bloom as a person. You don’t let the negativity around you, be it in the form of people or situations, affect you. As such, you now know how to zone out and come back to your original happy and peaceful self after a stressful situation.


Most importantly, your happiness is not dependent on a person, which I think is a very important thing to help you lead a happy life. When you are happy with yourself and your life, you won’t need people to make you happy. You will know how to create happiness, which is an amazing quality to exhibit.


And lastly, you don’t wait for the perfect moments to make you happy, you make the best of every moment for you believe that happiness doesn’t lie in the big things of life, but is hidden in those small little pleasures arranged in a chronological order.

So, love yourself enough to fall in love with the life you live for only then you will be nothing less than the best of you.

 P.S. LoVe YoUrSeLf To BrInG oUt ThE bEsT iN yOu…❤❤