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Seen the darkest night 🌌

Darkest nights

Life was never easy. People leave you when you need them the most. You can’t trust the timing of people leaving you in hard times. The one who will be there for you during your hard time is the only person who deserves to be with you during the hard time gets over. Just wait and watch!

_Silent Pen

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Look Back! Don’t wanna grow up again!😒

*Look Back*

Somewhere between being woken up on birthday mornings by our parents and staying up till 12 to receive phone calls from our friends, we grew up.
Somewhere between, “Yay! I can write with a pen from tomorrow” in school and “Dude, do you have an extra pen?” in college, we grew up.
Somewhere between “Dad! I want these chocolates to distribute them in school for my birthday” and “hey, my treat today”, we grew up.
Somewhere between playing Snake on our dad’s ‘dabba’ mobile and playing Temple Run/Candy Crush on our smartphones, we grew up.
Somewhere between using Paint in weekly computer classes and using Instagram filters on phones, we grew up.
Somewhere between Pinball and Counter Strike, we grew up.
Somewhere between Maths and Accounts, Civics and Public Administration, we grew up.

Somewhere between Cartoons and News Bulletins, we grew up.
Somewhere between “Just 5 More minutes, Mom” and pressing the snooze button on our phones, we grew up.

The hardest part about change is that it is inevitable.

Looking back now, isn’t it a wonder that we ever even wanted to grow up? 👶👦👧