Trust Is A Fragile Thing 👫💕

I’ve heard it said that “relationships move at the speed of trust”. When two people wholeheartedly trust each other, the relationship is really in a good space to continue growing naturally. Trust is a very important foundation to have in a relationship. Aside from God being the first and strongest foundation for a couple to build on, trust is definitely vital to maintaining a healthy relationship. If only one person trust, the relationship only has a 50 percent chance of making it. If both people don’t trust each other, the relationship has no chance of making it at all. You have to be able to fully let go of all of your doubts and fears, and truly trust the one you are in love with if you want the relationship to grow. Otherwise, you’ll just end up holding the relationship back from reaching it’s fullest potential.  

Trust is such a fragile thing,once its broken it can never be regained…

#Peace 😉👍