Be with someone👫👇

When it comes to love, the goal should be to share the best parts of yourself with the person you have the best time with. Be with someone who you can actually laugh with and be silly around. Be with someone who wants to see you grow and develop as a person. Be with someone who will have your back when it’s up against the wall. Be with someone who actually cares about you as a person. Someone who you can trust with your heart and not have to worry about them breaking you into a million pieces. So many people forget the purpose of being in a relationship in the first place. A relationship should be a place that encourages peace and happiness. It should be a place that is free of judgment and allows you the freedom to be who you truly are. It should be a place where you can consistently count on someone’s love. It should be your own personal safe heaven. 

P.S. When it comes to love…

Give the key to someone who

will unlock the love you have always held in your heart…💕