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Love is dream, we all seek..

Love is a force that’s hard to explain,

It fills your heart with joy and pain,

It makes you feel alive and new,

It’s something that we all pursue.

Love is a flame that never dies,

It warms the heart and lights the eyes,

It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe,

It’s something that we cannot hide.

Love is a melody that we all sing,

A song of joy that makes our hearts ring,

It’s a rhythm that we all dance to,

A beat that’s old, yet forever new.

Love is a journey that we all take,

A path that we must learn to make,

It’s a road that’s winding, long, and tough,

But it’s a journey that’s well worth the rough.

Love is a gift that we all share,

A treasure that’s beyond compare,

It’s a bond that we all hope to find,

A love that’s true, and always kind.

Love is a dream that we all seek,

A vision that we all want to keep,

It’s a hope that we all hold dear,

A love that’s strong, and always near.

Love is a feeling that we all know,

A spark that makes our hearts aglow,

It’s a force that’s pure and true,

A love that’s me, a love that’s you.

_Silent Pen

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