For extra goodness❣️🤗

You may have people in your life who would give you the entire galaxy with open arms. If so, thank them for their love and immense heart. If you have trouble thinking of someone, develop the relationships you already have around you. You may already have that person in your life, but you may not know it. When you keep your heart open to receiving, the gifts will come your way.

This feeling of gratitude is an effective way to develop and fortify bonds in a relationship. Think about a relationship in your life that you care about. Whether you’re on good terms with the relationship or you have hit a rocky patch, find a quiet space, sit, close your eyes, take in five deep breaths, and meditate on your person. Turn your mind to the good memories you have shared, things they have done for you, and their amazing traits… Bring in as many positive things as you can. For extra goodness, let them know!

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~SiLeNt PeN

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4 thoughts on “For extra goodness❣️🤗”

  1. Very true thoughts. As I was reading, I thought about my relationships. Most of them are this way, and the ones that haven’t been have slidden away. Sometimes it takes tragedy to show people’s true colors.

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