It’s not a sin..

Have you ever experienced loving but in the end you always told yourself “I wish I didn’t bet because I knew I lost in the beginning” but you still continued because you love the person. You didn’t think about the result in the end as long as you can show it and make him feel that you are fighting for him and loved.

But you didn’t expect that in the end, you are the only one trying to pull the rope that is near to be able to be able to connect it and properly. But because of too much pain and because of the clots of cracked around it, you can’t handle it anymore, so you just let go even if you know that you shouldn’t let go of the person in the beginning you don’t want to lose you. But what can you do if you are the only one fighting?

It’s hard to forget the person you once loved so much, you promised that he was the last one but he himself doesn’t want and give up at the end, that you thought it seems that there is no end, then you know to yourself both You promised each other but the day will come, that you promise the rest.

That’s why whenever you entertain or know someone in your life, it seems that you are traumatized, this person might make you happy again then you are the idiot who will send his jokes and sweetness and then you will still have a level up to the highest level this stupidity of yours. So you can’t hold it, you fall! Then you will say nothing fell, I accidentally fell for him so I accidentally hurt myself in the end so that’s why? Uhhh repeat cycle or repeatedly.

And in that repeatedly, you repeatedly bury yourself in pain as if there is no end. ” Is it my fault to be happy with a person, is it my fault to fall, is it a sin to love him then leave me in the end?” The question in your mind is repeatedly. That question is repeatedly but it will end, is there still an answer?

First of all, it’s not a sin to love, but when you give all yourself to someone that even if you don’t know the certainty if he is the one.

There is no right person, there is no perfect partner. It’s in the preparation of how a relationship will last. In short, it’s in both of you how to grow and keep your relationship with each other strong. Understanding, trust, long patience, respect, and most of all love. If you are both understanding, you will last long, promise! Learn to compromise, in every contention because no one will win if you are both fiery head learn to adjust when you love the person.