No matter what happens you will continue to love him :)

Some says being just friends is better than becoming a lover, why? Probably because they say friends have no break ups, you stay longer with each other if you remain friends.

But can ex lovers became friends?

Maybe a lot of people will say that it’s not possible, yes, why would you make friends with someone who hurt you, to the person who left you, with the person you loved but replaced you with someone else?

And it is true that if ex lovers remain as friends one of them still love the other one.

Whether we admit it or not the person who is hurt sometimes willing to make friends. Why? Cause that’s the least he / she can do to be able to stay with the one she love.

Yes, ex can be friends not only because they are okay with each other but because someone is willing to get hurt just show that he is always there. Even when you get hurt, he is willing to listen to your stories that are happy with others you are experiencing. While you are telling a story, he is still asking that he is the person who makes you happy.

Being friends with your ex means you’re strong because in those times when he’s happy with others you can pretend that it’s okay in front of him. Yes, some will say that you are a martyr, that you are stupid, because why would you endure making friends with him if you know you will get hurt. But even though you still choose to stay by his side. Maybe because of that way you continue to show that no matter what happens you will continue to love him.

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~SiLeNt PeN

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