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Because your life is much more than heartbreak and failure.😊❤

In everyone’s life, there comes a point when we think we can’t go on any more. The reason could be anything: a failed relationship, an exam, career issues, absolutely anything. However, is any of it worth giving up on life for? The answer is NO. Absolutely nothing and no one is worth giving up on your life and your beautiful self for. Here is why…

1. You are your own judge, and you don’t need anyone else’s validation

2. Your only competition is with you of the yesterday, for a better you tomorrow, because there is just one you

3. The ones who hate you just want to see you go down. Don’t give them the satisfaction

4. Love yourself before loving anyone else, you deserve it the most

5. Think of your loved ones, the people who would do anything to see you smiling

6. No problem is permanent. Time heals everything. It too shall pass

7. You are the reason for someone else’s smile

8. You are not alone. Everyone has demons to deal with, even the ones who are mean to you

9. If you give up, you will never be able to experience the things on your bucket list. Remember your dreams

10. Think of yourself a few years ago, and the problems you encountered then. It was a big deal for you then, even if it seems trivial now. If you can overcome them, you can surely overcome this too

Not just these, there are a million other reasons that you are precious – to yourself, and to everyone around you. Don’t let a few incidents and a few people let you forget that ever.🙌😊


6 thoughts on “Because your life is much more than heartbreak and failure.😊❤”

  1. Amen to this!
    And for people often falling into that black hole – start a little notebook and write down all the good things. Memories, achievements, things you’re proud of. Black hole? Pick it up and start reading. You’ll remember why you’re awesome.

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