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So the next person could love you..😊

Unfortunately, love doesn’t always give you the happy ending you want in the end. Sometimes you can be madly in love with someone and still know in your heart that, that person can never give you the kind of love and effort that you know you deserve. One of the hardest things to accept in life is knowing that, sometimes you were only meant to make the other person better for the next person. When some people don’t appreciate having a good person in their corner, sometimes that ended relationship is like a wake up call for them to get their act together for the next person. It doesn’t mean that something was necessarily wrong with you, it just means that they really didn’t have the tools to help maintain a healthy happy relationship with you like you wanted. Sometimes that is the only reason why you cross paths with certain people. You were never meant to be together, you were just meant to make them better for the next person. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but, at least room was made in your life so the next person could love you like you deserve to be loved. ❤

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Ultimate goals 😊❤

I believe one of the ultimate goals when it comes to love should be to be with someone who makes your life easier. Be with someone who makes you laugh when you don’t want to. Be with someone who can bring you sunlight during your darkest moments. Be with someone who can provide you with a certain kind of shelter and support when everyone else tries to rain on your parade. To me, when you have someone who truly makes your life easier and can alleviate some of your headaches, you truly do have someone special. Being in love with someone who wants to provide you with peace of mind, is truly one of the greatest feelings that you can ever experience. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone they cant relate with. Your goal should be to be with someone who wants the same things out of life that you do. Someone who you can be on the same page with; mentally, emotionally, physically and last but not least spiritually. Your love for each other, should run parallel with each other. In other words, a relationship is easier when both people are heading in the same direction together.

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Don’t be discouraged 😊

One day the person you need will walk into your life. I can’t tell you how, when or where but it will happen. Keep believing in love. The people from your past will become a distant memory. Some of them broke your trust. Some of them may have took you for granted, but when the right person shows up in your life, all that has happened to you won’t even matter anymore. The right person’s love will drive out all the negative things people have done to you so that this new love can be in your heart like it should. Don’t be discouraged. Remove the person who does not belong in your life so that this new person walking in yours has the proper room to be loved by you. Their love will take up so much of your heart that, it will spill out into your soul and have you feeling completely lifted.