Take your time sowing a good seed🤗🌼🌿

At the end of the day, love isn’t going anywhere. There is no need to rush something that you really aren’t prepared to have. Take your time enjoying another person’s soul. Take your time laying a solid foundation. Take your time sowing a good seed. Often times we don’t have the hindsight to see how much the work that we do in the beginning will benefit each other in the long run. When you build a house, you don’t rush laying down the foundation, you take your time. Wash each other off with encouraging words as much as you can. Listen to understand instead of listening to reply. Be patient with someone as you learn more about their perspectives and how they view the world. If you take your time understanding each other and going through the process, that process will take its time making sure that the both of you do not fail. Everything you do at the beginning of a relationship, will help you mold and keep your relationship. So take your time with love, it isn’t going anywhere.


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