Self Esteem✍

So many people battle with self esteem problems everyday. So many people think that the cure to getting over their self esteem issues is being loved by someone else. And while another person’s love can help transform us and inspire us to grow into becoming better individuals, it doesn’t have the power to solve every personal problem that we find ourselves running away from. We have to love the skin that we are in. We have to stop making other people responsible for how we “personally” feel about ourselves. Love starts with self. Loving who you are makes it easier for other people to be in love with you. I said this before and I’ll say it again, “how we feel about ourselves, infects itself into our relationships with other people.” A low self esteem will have you dealing with a person that you have no business dealing with. A low self esteem will have you pushing away good people when it comes to love because you can’t even identify what it is on a very basic personal level when it comes to loving yourself. We have to take responsibility for taking care of our emotions first before trying to be in love with other people.