Wait for the right person!😊👌☑

Amazing how you can go through so much turmoil and ugliness in your life and still not become it. Two beautiful hearts will always be able to find the beauty in each other regardless of the downfalls each of them have been through. And even though you may have a past that you regret reflecting on, that still won’t stop the person who adores you from being a part of your life. Even on your darkest days, your presence alone can still be the brightest part of someone else’s day. The bricks from your past that you used to build up barriers, can also be used to build a loving home once the right person enters your life. 

12 thoughts on “Wait for the right person!😊👌☑”

  1. I agree with what you’re saying. When you find the right person they will accept you for being yourself. Even if you had a messed up past. They still see you as a good person and look pass it without judging you.

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