Despite your painful past👇☺☺

I’m here to tell you that despite your painful past, you are still a good person. You still have a heart that someone is praying to have one day. You still have a smile or a charm that someone can’t wait to embrace one day. Sometimes when you are single, you start second guessing yourself. You start thinking that there are things wrong with you that are preventing you from having the right person in your life. But to be honest with you, all of us have flaws. We were not made to be perfect or live perfectly, we were made to be loved. The person who loves you one day, will love you enough to look past your flaws. They will take all of the things that you may feel like are your own personal shortcomings, and help you grow as a person because they are there for the long haul. When someone truly loves you, you will always be more than enough because in their eyes, you are the perfect person to have in their life. ❤💕