SUFFERING: Your Deposit In Life Account 🌌⏳

The most important thing in life is SUFFERING.

It is wisely said: ‘No Pain, No Gain’.

There is no joy in life without suffering.

However, most of us avoid sufferings as much as we can while aiming to achieve great things in life.

Suffering is the price to be paid for enjoying any type of happiness in life.

  • When you suffer for several years studying hard, you score top marks in exams
  • When you suffer for your children, the children make their future and make you happy
  • When you suffer and work hard at your profession, you achieve great success at your job
  • When you suffer failures in your life, you achieve great successes in life

Most people never succeed in life because they avoid suffering all the time.

Suffering is like your deposit in the life account while happiness is the like the withdrawals from it.

  • Can you withdraw anything from your account without making any deposit in it?
  • Can you enjoy any happiness in your life without suffering the legitimate pain for it?

Don’t ignore the legitimate suffering and pains in your life as they are key to your success and happiness.


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