It’s about someone being there with you 👫💕

It’s not about someone just being around you when everything is going well, it’s about someone being there for you when you feel like life is giving you hell. It’s about someone bringing you soup when you’re sick. It’s about someone tucking you back in and cleaning up your throw up in the bathroom. It’s about someone remembering how picky you are with food, and cooking it the way you like when you’re too sick. It’s about someone being there with you in the doctor’s office, and praying that God’s favor and strength will overpower any diagnosis. It’s about someone going to drop off and pick up your prescription so you can wake up with everything you need right beside you. It’s about someone holding you down and never leaving when you can barely even hold yourself up. That’s love. That’s someone being there for you through thick and thin. Find someone who can brighten your day like the sun, and still be loyal enough to walk with you through the rain. 💦