Rise In Love Again!💕

I still believe that a good heart will eventually find its way back to love. I still believe that no matter what you may have went through in your past, someone out there in the world is still praying to have a person like you one day. Just because you are single, that doesn’t mean that you lack importance or that you can’t be a blessing to someone else in the future. We have to start speaking victory over our love life and not defeat. Instead of saying, “I doubt I’ll ever fall in love again”, start saying, “My next relationship will be my best relationship.” I want you to understand that, good hearts don’t have expiration dates when it comes to love. There is no certain time frame or small window of opportunity that you have before your time runs out. You will fall in love again one day when the time is right, not because you time it right. Don’t let your good heart turn sour because you want things to happen on your own time. 

P.S. Be patient because when you RUSH you CRUSH..The possitive mindset comes out of wanting to believe the best.. someone will come along to cherish and appreciate you and treasure you like a precious blessings/gift in life. Its not about how perfect someone’s about how perfect they are for you.❤🤗