Grow and move on 🚶🏃

Sometimes you can be so fresh out of a breakup that, every person that comes your way seems like they are the one. If they smell better than your ex, you might think that they are the one. If they sound more pleasant or sexier than your ex, you might think that they are the one. If they speak and compliment you, you’ll over sensationalize it and swear that it was a sign from God sending you your dream partner. Truth is, when you are fresh out of a breakup, everybody seems like a better option when you are trying to blunt out or run away from the pain. Anybody that brings a smile to your face, feels better than the last person that brought pain to your heart. You can’t skip the healing process of getting over someone. You can’t rush the healing process of moving on from the past. The process is the process because it takes your emotions time working that person and your connections to them out of your system. Be patient getting someone out of your system so you can grow, heal and move on without looking back. It will benefit you more in the long run if you do. 

Grow through, what you go through! 😊

11 thoughts on “Grow and move on 🚶🏃”

  1. This, was the kinda thing that I was looking for. Somethings that I was feeling too. A breakup is truly heartbreaking. It seems like every other guy out there is the perfect one for u after u breakup. Now, I know, it’s normal. Thank u for this. 🙂

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