✍Own this moment😊👍

All that you and I can ever own, is just this single moment.  We do not own the past and no one is promised a tomorrow. We just have the moment.  This is not a religious statement, but it can be, this is not a philosophical statement, but it could be and this is not just a scientific fact, and that it is, this is our reality.  

You are not, and never can be your past, nor can you be your future, you are creating your now. In this moment we hold the same powers that build planets and the stars.You are in full control of this power.  In your hands you can build the tallest building and in your hands you can destroy the tallest buildings.  In your hands you can hold another hand or you can slap it away with equal grace and power.

In your hands in this moment you can choose to heal or to hurt.  And you get to choose where you stand on this reality every moment of your existence.  To ever believe that you do not own this power, is the greatest, heartbreaking lie ever told.

Many people have come to show you the examples of what just one person can do.  They stand with you and they offer up the living proof that our possibilities are endless.  They hold a torch high up and stand witness to your music.  And it does not matter what song you sing, what matters is that you have given that song your truth and the passion that can be found in the heart and in your mind.  

✍Own this moment, and every moment you can find.