Make the relationship work 🤗

The person you are asking for is asking for you too. The person you are preparing yourself for is preparing themselves for you too. Have you ever met someone and by the end of the first conversation, you felt like you both had already knew each other? It’s like you both were able to skip past the shy and representative stages with each other, and head right into that comfortable transparent place you both knew already existed. Sometimes our other half is someone who we feel like we have known our whole lives. You connect with them on a level like you never have with anyone before. You both just seem to understand each other right down to the core. But even though we all have someone meant for us, that doesn’t mean that real effort can be neglected when you are both trying to make the relationship work. You still have to balance each other out. You still have to accept each other’s flaws. You still have to help provide growth in the areas where the other person lacks the most. Relationships are about coming together as one and sharing the same vision together, which is to make it to a place of happiness without being divided. And even after you meet the one for you one day, you still will have to put in effort to make the relationship work. 

Stay happy! Stay blessed!!😇