Why Everyone Should Have A Stupid Friend?👫👫

Friends for once, friends for life! Indeed, friends hold a special place in our life. However, among all these friends, all of us might have that one stupid friend who is always there to surprise us!! And this I say for a reason. 

Why Everyone Should Have A Stupid Friend

1. They have an unusual solution handy👼

Stupid people or stupid friend will always have a solution handy for your problem. If you are stuck in some embarrassing position and do not have anyone to fall upon, trust such people because they have the courage to speak out things which others hesitate because ego overtakes their emotional quotient.

2. They always keep you in good humour😃

People who are perceived to be stupid by nature are always happy. Contrary to the fact that almost all of us try to portray to be in a happier scenario, stupid people or your stupid friend will be genuinely happy always.This is important from various perspectives because a person in good humour can make light of even the most complicated situation.

3. They know more than what we think🤔

You might think that stupid friend in the group is of least use but they often know much more than what we think about them. Their knowledge on matters of daily relevance is much precise and they can at time act as a guide or mentor in situations which we might find difficult to handle.

4. They leave wonderful memories🌌👼

You might dislike a stupid friend, these bring back memories of wonderful years, you had spent with them. Most likely it is sure to bring a smile on your face and you will share those good time memories with everyone around.

Friends are an integral part of our life and we never care much about them until the time we move on in life. Years later when we remember them, it only brings a smile on our face. Time permitting, care for such friends, it will make your life better!